Historical Highlights
Divine Baptist Church

                In 1863, our church began in the bush disguised with grass to hide its identity.  Divine Baptist Church, being one of the oldest established churches in Norfolk County, grew and gave birth to new congregations.  In 1892, members living in the Gilmerton and New Mill Creek areas applied for and received a charter from our church.  In 1893, both communities were granted this charter to become known as First Baptist Church-Gilmerton and New Light Baptist Church.  With the help of God they became organized congregations in their communities.   In 1917, Divine granted a charter to Saint Julian Creek Chapel and they became New Hope Baptist Church.  “To God be the Glory” for their development, growth and continued success.

          Through the years our church has continued to grow and prosper.  Unfortunately, we experienced a devastating fire in 1945 that destroyed our building.  But through God’s Divine Providence we rebuilt a beautiful edifice and conducted a mortgage burning ceremony on August 12, 1951.  Many new ministries were formed and devoted disciples continuously strive to strengthen our worship and community services.  Additionally, we support two foreign missions’ groups:  one in Haiti and the other in Kenya (East Africa).

          We are proud to be a praying church with a solid Christian Education foundation:  an emerging Sunday School, a rapidly growing Pastoral Bible Study, and an enthusiastic Senior Fellowship Ministry that meets weekly on Wednesday mornings.  We’ve come this far by faith trusting in God’s Word and He’s never failed us yet!  We wholeheartedly believe that “the Bible is not just book, but a holy way of life.”  Our church is always available to those who are truly seeking a personal relationship with Christ.

Pastor Charles E. Hodges
Giving Thanks to Generations Past and Present

Reverend R. W. Wright

Reverend R. H. Balden

Reverend E. Robertson

Reverend Ashbey Lewis

Reverend Charles H. Billops

Reverend Egerton

Reverend C. H. W. Chiles

Reverend Thompson

Reverend I. S. Arnold

Reverend Ernest B. Morris

Reverend S. A. Sanderlin

Reverend William E. Smith

Reverend G. L. Parker

"Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching".
                                                                                           -1Timothy 5:17
P.A. Pinkney
F. W. Williams
John R. Briggs
Kelvin McDonald
James Simmons


As one of the oldest  churches in the state of Virginia, Divine Baptist has a long heritiage of  continual faith and service to the Lord 


Divine Baptist prides itself on being a place of refuge and healing through sound teaching and prolific preaching of the The Word of God


God is doing a new thing at "Divine", we would love for you to be a part of it too!



Tel. 757-487-0105

Email: info@divinebc.org

Weekly Services


Monday - Friday

Spiritual 3M - Pastor TPS

8:30am - via Facebook Live

Sunday Early Morning Fellowship 

9 am – via Zoom

Meeting ID: 974 0203 0594

Password: 869989

Sunday Worship Service

11:00am - via Facebook Live


Tuesday Youth Virtual Zoom Café

7:00pm - via Zoom

Meeting ID: 995 4411 6005

Password: 124283

Wednesday Triple Dose

Spiritual 3M with Pastor TPS

8:30am - via Facebook

Senior Ministry Fellowship

11:00am - via Zoom

Meeting ID: 884 628 7855

Password: 736539

 Radical Dialogue

6:30pm - via Facebook